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Ranking among Marin’s many attributes is the bevy of talented artists who call the county home and tap into the landscapes and people as creative inspiration. And for Jeffrey Beauchamp, our 2011 cover contest winner, Marin is both home and muse. We recently stopped in at his Fairfax studio and were delighted to see his winning piece in person, as well as check out the portraits and landscapes that compose his body of work.

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As other commercial galleries ride out the recession by playing it safe, Bath's latest addition to the field, bo.lee, presents edgy, challenging work of a high calibre. This inaugural exhibition showcases a compelling selection of figurative painters.

An air of mystique pervades Jeffrey Beauchamp's paintings. Inheritance (pictured) sets up an intriguing dichotomy between a sensual female nude and a group of innocent children playing obliviously behind. This psychologically charged work with its lush, suggestive brushwork alludes to the tensions between childhood and adulthood.

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Marin IJ - Yes Fest Draws a Crowd

"ART IN ACTION: JEFF BEAUCHAMP, a parent and artist, fashions a large hanging scuplture out of 'cat's eyes' made by students at the Ross Valley School District's YES Fest yesterday..."

Robb Report

"The designers chose furniture that evoked the glamour of old Hollywood, then they took the Bidners shopping for art. They commissioned a landscape by Jeffrey Beauchamp and glow-in-the-dark works by Ron Reihel, and purchased pieces by Robert Motherwell and Robert Graham."


Pacific Sun
August 18-August 24, 2004
Rising Suns
12 People to Watch on the Arts & Entertainment Scene

Jeffrey Beauchamp is the kind of guy you want to root for. He's creative, yet grounded; well-read and jovial; confident without being egotistical; and a handsome, charismatic fellow who is simultaneously a self-deprecating family man. Most importantly, he's paid his dues.

The Fairfax-based professional painter, who will turn 40 on August 19, has been cranking away to refine his craft since he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1989.

Originally from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, Beauchamp attended Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, after high school. While at Clark he became interested in filmmaking, and thanks to his writer dad's New York advertising world connections, Beauchamp got a chance to experience real life behind the camera. His dad helped him secure work as a crew member for production companies filming TV commercials. full article...

From Southwest Art

Energetic. Tumultuous. Stormy. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe paintings by Jeffrey Beauchamp. "I want to give people the pretty walkway to travel down but also the scary corner where something lurks--where the young maiden may fear to walk," Beauchamp says. "Below the bucolic surfaces are the untamed energies that reside within." Indeed, the California-based artist left behind the accoutrements of traditional landscapes long ago in favor of edgier, abstract works that combine layers of evocative brush and knife work on their surfaces. Beauchamp's landscapes all explode with color, movement and life, whether the subject matter alludes to the cloudy skies or pounding surf near his coastal home north of San Francisco. To achieve his creative visions, Beauchamp employs what he calls disciplined daydreaming: "It's a combination of primal man frolicking with a paintbrush but with the discipline of Descartes, the architect," he explains. For him, the process also includes squinting into "the painty distances and feeling the possibilities of depth and visual adventure." His works are always about hinting at, rather than describing, a landscape, Beauchamp emphasizes. Overly depicting terrain or working too tightly leads to what he refers to as "blandscapes"--paintings where nothing is left to the eye of the beholder. Beauchamp's paintings are on view in March at Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Also see his works at

Self Portrait
Self Portraits in Black & White at the Edith Caldwell Gallery, San Francisco

From Art in America January 1992
"Jeffrey Beauchamp at Susan Cummins"
Review by Bill Berkson

Jeffrey Beauchamp is a 27-year-old painter from New Jersey. He started out as a graphic artist and film animator and turned to painting landscapes three years ago while an undergraduate at the San Francisco Art Institute. This was his first solo show. One thing his landscape pictures express is a fascination with a Euro-American art form that could be identified fondly as Old Brown Painting. That is, the pictures make you consider the odd assortment of epoch-making talent and specialty acts that dramatic, chiaroscuro-based nature painting has borne along its 500-year spillway since the High Renaissance - Leonardo together with Rembrandt, say, or Corot and Ryder, and then Arthur Rackham, Maxfield Parrish and (for the caramel gleams of their enchanted-forest sequences) the 1940s Disney animators.

Beauchamp, for his part, doesn't comment on this flow so much as dive in imagination-first to find his own fresh impetus within it. He's a natural painter, and thus his reliance so far is on his own instinct for the peculiarities that a developed genre's givens can convey; the mixture of dereliction and hope evoked by sunlight glimpsed through wrenching marine clouds (The Hellespont), or something pending at the edges of an otherwise restful glade (The Decision). His teeming skies and semideranged foliage may be, as he says, pulled from his head... full article...
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