New Paintings by Jeffrey Beauchamp
at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery
March 2004

As kids we are generally encouraged to use and cultivate our imaginations, though once we reach adulthood the pressures of everyday existence tend to hone our more practical survival skills and leave our younger minds to fend for themselves. As an artist I can postpone certain aspects of growing up in the name of staying creative: while painting, for instance, I find a sort of disciplined daydreaming works quite well. With these new larger works the daydreaming took the form of squinting into the painty distance, "magic eye"- style, and feeling the possibilities of depth and visual adventure in there. The discipline, beyond just showing up in the morning and keeping out of the comfy chair as much as possible, consisted of avoiding any over-resolving of the images into too easily-digested landscape clichés. The results have, at first, a new vigor and charm that I think bear up under longer scrutiny, the layers of suggestive brush and knife work emerging slowly from the stormy surfaces. It is that balance between the paint itself and deep illusionary space that is more precarious in these pieces, more conflicting and interesting than in most of my earlier work.

Looking at this show as the current stage of a personal, if goofy, imaginary evolution and working backwards, a vision of influences comes to mind:


Artist Statements by Jeffrey Beauchamp